A Big Love

by Lester Quitzau

Released 1996
Released 1996
Nouveau blues/roots , electric and acoustic guitar with horns.

Meet Canadian roots music artist Lester Quitzau, a mellow guy who throws down a heavy groove. In a field where intangibles like feel and integrity count for so much, Quitzau has forged an exemplary career.
What began with a solid blues apprenticeship in the funky working-class bars of Edmonton has grown into an eclectic and constantly evolving musical journey for the guitarist, singer, song-writer, composer and producer.

Whether he's coaxing languid, hypnotic sounds from his slide guitar in an intimate solo concert, or improvising freely with musical partners like Bill Bourne and Madagascar Slim, the Very Electric Trio, or his latest work with Mae Moore, a hard-won honesty underscores every note.

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Quitzau's blues world encompasses Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Chris Whitely in addition to John Lee Hooker, Blind Wille Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and while this eclecticism might infuriate purists, it makes A Big Love one of the most inspired efforts ever to emerge from this country's blues scene. Like Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, Quitzau is not afraid to jump from acoustic to slide sounds to ferocious 70's style riffing but he also delves into some more atmospheric areas, waxing playful and psychedelic.
--Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

A groove de force that rattles and reverberates the cornerstones of blues, jazz and rock music.
--Fast Forward, Calgary, AB

Lester combines a Blues base and a sense of Jazz improvisation and a spiritual quality to his music. It's very soulful and connects on the dance floor and to the heart.
--Holger Petersen, Saturday Night Blues (CBC Radio)

Diverse, surprising, and casually entrancing. Words like 'eclectic' and 'beyond category' spring to mind in trying to describe how he's taken elements of rhythm and blues, jazz, folk, rock, and even hip-hop, and blended them together seamlessly.
--Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

One of the most unique musical experiences available.
--Philippe P. Rey, Musical Director, In Guitar Festival, Switzerland

Quitzau uses his blues as a foundation and a jumping off point for musical and personal exploration. A Big Love becomes, in its own terms, his version of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland.
--The Province, Vancouver, BC